Hello @eqdegen, thank you for acknowledging the value of the project. Below are the answers to your questions:

  1. If the grant application is approved, we plan to support TypeScript fully.

  2. Having a JavaScript library does not directly translate to usability in Flutter; it requires encapsulation through a Flutter_js library. Our task is to encapsulate this JS library into a Flutter SDK, which will save a significant amount of time for Flutter developers and lower the barrier to entry, thereby fostering project development. As for the React Native SDK you mentioned, we did not seek funding because it does not require additional development work.

  3. “Adapting JS for the web” refers to the fact that in our milestone #1, the code we develop is primarily for our project, tsp.exchange . Compilation options and specific interfaces may be tailored to our project and not be universally applicable (we will complete this milestone regardless of grant funding, as our project requires it, although it may not be open-sourced). In the milestone #2, we will refactor this code, add necessary interfaces and modify compilation options to create a JS SDK suitable for websites, along with adding unit tests and documentation.

Finally, we do not stretch milestones just for the grant; each language’s SDK output requires extensive debugging, documentation, and unit testing. Of course, the official GMX can choose to support some of these milestones. Apart from the JS SDK, other SDKs are also encapsulated in JavaScript before providing the corresponding interfaces to enhance development efficiency.