A small UI suggestion for GMX as protocol revenue

A small UI suggestion would be to add an option when clicking the “claim” and “compound” buttons to allow users to choose to convert WETH to GMX, in addition to the current option of converting to ETH. This would allow users to choose whether to receive their rewards in ETH or GMX (which could be automatically exchanged from Uni LP pools or via two Metamask pop-ups), providing a Pareto improvement that would benefit long-term GMX holders and increase GMX purchasing power. This change is not complex to implement.


why the simple improvement has no repay?it’s so easy to develop and very useful for holder

Support, I manually operate every day now, it is very troublesome

It would indeed be a small but straightforward improvement, which saves some compounders a bit of time.

The reason you’re not getting a lot of responses is probably that it was brought up before in other discussions already. Devs are aware of the request; but it’s not a priority at the moment considering the important work being done around GMX V2.


yes,I suggest in other thread,as I thought it a easy and useful suggest,so I new a thread to discuss the idea。