Add wstETH (Lido) liquidity to GLP

Lido recently announced full L2 roll-out on both Arbitrum and Optimism. They are already seeking participation from large liquidity providers like Curve. Given the shear market size of Lido and staked ETH perhaps GMX should add wstETH to the GLP Arbitrum pool. Perhaps by re-allocating 5% of the current ETH pool.


It could be potentially interesting to get a share of that trading volume. Its not a particularly volatile token. Relatively safe. Chainlink price feeds and sufficient Liquidity on Arbitrum will be arranged, I’m sure.

Are there wstETH perps listed anywhere with meaningful volume… ?


Not that I know of. I think Uniswap was some liquidity.

I’m interested, but the allocation should be based on the on-chain volumes. And yes it should take up a share of what’s allocated to ETH. For leverage trading, we can have an alert pop up when it would be cheaper to leverage wstETH instead of ETH during instances when there’s a lot of OI on ETH.

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Unless coingecko is totally out to lunch:

There is no volume for wstETH, I don’t find it very compelling, especially when the risk is that there is a contract bug that makes all the lido staked eth worthless.

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