DeltaPrime Grant Bi-Weekly Update (Feb, 7th)

Date: 7 Feb 2024

I. Executive Summary:

a) Roadmap Progress

All development of planned GM integrations have succeeded. See below the current KPI progress.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements

TVL in GM vaults: $6.8M → $8.5M

GLP/GM ratio: 3.75% → 2.93%

Savings utilization ratio: 78.16% → 82.85%

c) Dune Dashboards

II. Current Progress:

As we are nearing 10 weeks of GM deployment on Arbitrum, DeltaPrime now provides $8.5M in total GM deposits. Our goal was to hit the $9M in deposits two days ago (aiming for $1M weekly), but we were short a couple hundred K, missing this target.

Our new goal is to hit the $9M this Monday.

The GLP / GM ratio decreased further to under 3%. We expect this number to fall as time progresses.

With the savings utilization ratio scoring back to 80%-90%, we are again utilizing a healthy part of our liquidity. Having the utilization in this range lowers the spread on interest to a minimum (benefiting both borrowers and lenders), while leaving enough liquidity for either borrower or lender to exit.

III. Community Engagement:

As we saw adoption of GM within the community slow down in the past weeks, we announced a $15k airdrop if we were to hit our Monday milestone.

We additionally held a Twitter poll which got 163 votes, to decide how the airdrop should be rewarded if we were to hit it.

And of course the #Strategies-discussion channel in our Discord users discussed amongst themselves how to best use the different GMs