Deploy GMX on Coinbase´s Level 2 Base

Support 100% let’s do this.

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Understandably GMX V2 on at a beta level and we want to make sure the protocal most of all has safety being paramount for its user. We can now see the Perp/dex area is easily one of the most competitive in web 3.0. It is time we start seriously discussing the road map for V2. I bet people in the community are willing to help and how we get additional developer support from partner protocals to help move timelines. How do we get the Arb foundation to support one of the OG projects that allowed its TVL to hit highs to reach its potential.

Deploying on Base should be a priority and listing COIN should a conversation we have roadmap immediately.


Would love to see this happen. If this had happened when suggested then it would have been a huge winner

Hi Jonezee, how do you consider Base now that it hit $100 million in TVL and close to $200 million in bridged assets earlier this week?


I have yet to hear more discussion about Base, and it’s pros and cons. But I’d say it’s definitely a healthy sign that liquidity is flowing in. Especially in light of the initial Bald fiasco.

Remains to be seen how much of it is short-term, mercenary, and/or airdrop-hunting. But significant liquidity is a good start, as its a key prerequisite.

[EDIT] Chainlink has also just deployed its oracles on Base, I see. That’s another crucial prerequisite for a GMX deployment.


I am fully for this proposal. Base is the best chain we can expand now and take advantage being first and capture market share there. Base is owned by coinbase, strong brand in crypto that can help us achieve more users and generate a lot more fees.


want to make sure to have vision here. GMX needs to start thinking about additional assets and chains.


Let’s deploy on BASE

It’d make a real catalyst for gmx and by the time we ship it their tvl will be massive.

Regulatory concern, well the chain is global and we already use usdc. If we do deploy there does that automatically mean legal issues? Not sure at all.


I think Base has good prospects considering the strong retail onramps due to Coinbase.

However, I’m not sure if there is enough liquidity and are enough serious traders there already. Has anybody looked into Synthetix recent deployment on Base? I believe the traction has been limited so far, but would love to get some data on that to infuse the discussion.

I suggest we open this debate up again, we don’t need to throw around exact numbers on here as we all know who Coinbase are and that them pushing a chain means it is going to, like it or not, bring a lot of eyeballs to it.

The original suggestion was brought up a long time ago perhaps too early in the Base life cycle but I reckon now is the right time to bring this up again. Coinbase are synonymous with crypto and there are hoards of users coming in the next 12 months.


Great seeing that the discussion around this is starting again. Would love to see GMX on BASE for the reasons mentioned in the original post

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I am in full support pending understanding of what it would take to launch on base. This includes dev time, additional support, security review etc. We should go to chains that will support the build and provide additional resources to do so. GMX gave Arb a huge leg up at the beginning and we should partner with chains who are willing to do the same. This conversation is one we needed to have last year when it was first proposed.

We are now over a year into this proposal. At what point would it be appropriate to put to a vote?

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As some added context, here’s an overview of the current protocols on Base offering derivatives like GMX’s perpetual futures:

Thank you Jonezee. I think this makes even more apparent that GMX just like its impact on Arb can have a massive impact on the Base ecosystem.

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Just to add context GMX added a ton of value to Arb prior the airdrop and after. What I meant is that GMX could add more value to other ecosystems. I’m seeing other projects discuss about launches on SUI, Solana, etc. GMX added a tremendous amount of value and onchain activity for Arb. It can do the same for other areas where users want the GMX experience.

I strongly believe that we should explore bridging solution that would enable cross-chain trading while having liquidity stay on Arbitrum.

For example you post collateral on Base and open a trade. Once you close the trade, you would trigger a bridging execution that would move funds from Arb to Base as payout(if you are good trader) or move your collateral to Arbitrum (If you are bad trader).

Not sure if this is fantasy, or possible, but having unified liquidity and ecosystem around it (like currently on Arbitrum) could be great way to expand to different chains, while at the same time not fragmenting liquidity.


Actually this is super interesting concept however I am not sure what type of dev/coding work and from a safety perspective this would look like. This I imagine would bolster liquidity creating even deeper liquidity which would be wonderful.