Deploy GMX on Coinbase´s Level 2 Base

Support 100% let’s do this.

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Understandably GMX V2 on at a beta level and we want to make sure the protocal most of all has safety being paramount for its user. We can now see the Perp/dex area is easily one of the most competitive in web 3.0. It is time we start seriously discussing the road map for V2. I bet people in the community are willing to help and how we get additional developer support from partner protocals to help move timelines. How do we get the Arb foundation to support one of the OG projects that allowed its TVL to hit highs to reach its potential.

Deploying on Base should be a priority and listing COIN should a conversation we have roadmap immediately.


Would love to see this happen. If this had happened when suggested then it would have been a huge winner

Hi Jonezee, how do you consider Base now that it hit $100 million in TVL and close to $200 million in bridged assets earlier this week?


I have yet to hear more discussion about Base, and it’s pros and cons. But I’d say it’s definitely a healthy sign that liquidity is flowing in. Especially in light of the initial Bald fiasco.

Remains to be seen how much of it is short-term, mercenary, and/or airdrop-hunting. But significant liquidity is a good start, as its a key prerequisite.

[EDIT] Chainlink has also just deployed its oracles on Base, I see. That’s another crucial prerequisite for a GMX deployment.


I am fully for this proposal. Base is the best chain we can expand now and take advantage being first and capture market share there. Base is owned by coinbase, strong brand in crypto that can help us achieve more users and generate a lot more fees.


want to make sure to have vision here. GMX needs to start thinking about additional assets and chains.