Deploy GMX v2 on BASE with COIN stock


We are proposing an upgrade to our platform: the deployment of GMX V2 on BASE. Alongside this, we would love to have COIN stock listed to diversify our offerings and cater to the increasing demand from our community.

Proposal Details:

Deployment of GMX V2 on BASE:

This move is in line with our strategic goals to improve the user experience, increase our platform’s availability, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving decentralized landscape.

Listing COIN Stock:

By introducing COIN stock to our platform, we aim to tap into the growing interest in traditional equities within the crypto community. This also represents a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance, enhancing our platform’s attractiveness to a broader audience.

Thoughts? Concerns?


love this proposal. seems like very strategic opportunity to drive ton of brand awareness and growth for protocol

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No brainer for me. I’m afraid the team is already focused on other things as we speak as:

  • Chainlink low latency oracles
  • UI/UX

Understandably GMX V2 on at a beta level and we want to make sure the protocal most of all has safety being paramount for its user. We can now see the Perp/dex area is easily one of the most competitive in web 3.0. It is time we start seriously discussing the road map for V2. I bet people in the community are willing to help and how we get additional developer support from partner protocals to help move timelines. How do we get the Arb foundation to support one of the OG projects that allowed its TVL to hit highs to reach its potential.

Deploying on Base should be a priority and listing COIN should a conversation we have roadmap immediately.


There isn’t a better argument for the next chain. Being on the super chain is the way. Once we are out of beta and have chainlink operating low latency oracles and UI sorted. Development of V2 on the super chain is inevitable.

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I agree. Expanding to other chains brings in new users and tvl. Base is a no brainer. I’m not sure about coin as it will bring scrutiny from the SEC.

This is a brilliant proposal. Avax isn’t going to keep GMX on its throne. Listing on base would be shrewd as hell.

While good from a marketing standpoint, I think listing stocks like Coin would bring with it many very significant risks. The arguments for deploying on Base are stronger than actually listing $Coin, I’d say.

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good!I agree. Expanding to other chains brings in new users and tvl.
we need more hype,now base is in focus!

With the initial Base hype out of the way, and frenzy calming down a bit, I’d like to ask:

Is there enough activity on the blockchain to warrant a deployment on Base…?

Or is it still too early, but just a shrewd move because Base has great long-term prospects? A bit like Arbitrum, which also didn’t have a thriving blockchain yet when GMX launched there.

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Why not be the first project and has network efforts on Base. GMX added value to the Arb ecosystem and volume to network. Why not be one of the first real projects to launch? Also I think it would highly depend on the ease of doing so? How much of the code base needs to be changed and what type of investment does this take? Without understanding this information how can the community provide the respective input?

There is nothing else on BASE to do, other than Areodrome that just launched. First mover advantage can’t be beat, it’s why BTC is still king and ETH is still the king of smart contract chains. It might actually be too late to get to Base by the time the team is ready, but the zkrollups are too expensive and slow right now so it’ll need to the an optimistic rollup IMO.

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