Deployment of GMX in BNB Chain

Good proposal by the BNB team!

Yes, BNB has a lot of users and a bunch of protocols, but it’s not really known for high quality DeFi. My first time using DeFi was on BNB, there’s some sentimental value there but I don’t really like Binance or how they develop their ecosystem. It’s all rugs, low effort forks.

In my honest opinion, BNB stands to gain more than GMX from a deployment there - it would dilute the GMX brand which has done great at limiting deployments to chains with high-quality DeFi ecosystem and legit innovation. There’s not that many collabs/integration GMX can explore on BNB that aren’t already on AVAX/Arbitrum. I say quality over quantity, frankly: focus on existing deployments and winning in those ecosystems!

They just want a splashy announcement out of this

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Strong yes from me as long as security is the #1 priority.

Also without any dilution so $GMX, so no esGMX rewards for GLP, but I would be open to it if BSC matched rewards 1:1 with BNB.



Conheci a GMX na BNB e seria bom um retorno as origens.

I want to add one another point; it seems Uniswap deployment on BNB chain will also happen soon. BNB and Binance wants to get a big pie on DeFi so we can assume there will be more sophisticated protocols on BNB chain.

If GMX won’t expand to the BNB chain i’m sure Level or Ede or some other perp protocol would fill this area. I am supporting this expantion.

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