Trading Pairs - IBC Ecosystem (TIA, ATOM, DOT)?

GMX just finished creating a BNB Market on GMX V2 (Arbitrum), which is a monumental feat - wBNB is compatible with IBC protocol, and there’s been so much buzz/speculation momentum within that ecosystem.

As we gear up for potential “risk-on” conditions, wanted to open a discussion surrounding GMX V2 vaults for bridged:

COSMOS (wrapped ATOM)
CELESTIA (wrapped TIA)
POLKADOT (potentially wrapped DOT)

Would appreciate any/all feedback from the community,
Thank you

ATOM and TIA are mentioned regularly, and receive a fair amount of votes from the community. It’s been very quiet on the Polkadot front, so there will be less enthusiasm for that market.

For reference; Potential Assets For GMX v2 - Google Sheets

When you’re saying vaults, you just mean establishing markets for these tokens right?