Expedite Listing of $SUSHI to Entice More Volume on Arbitrum

Previously, for the Arbitrum deploy, it has been proposed that SUSHI (along with a few others) be whitelisted, and it was approved in a governance vote.

SUSHI has decent volume across centralized and decentralized exchanges great for swaps/partnered aggregators, and the token experiences a generous price range suitable for leverage trading. So our traders would win.

SUSHI is actively developed and has some key rollouts in its roadmaps that align with the L2/sidechain boom. It has generally sound and widely recognized LTV (Long Term Value) prospects, just as competitor to Uniswap. GLP Investors, who are long-biased, would also win.

This might be of interest for Avalanche GLP as well, although you don’t often want to fix that which isn’t broke.

What do fellow community members think?

Additionally, should Avalanche GLP grandfather the Chainlink-relevant assets that Arbitrum GLP previously whitelisted?


Possible for very small percentage. Like 0.5-1% of GLP pool, along with limit on shorting

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I’m in favor of adding SUSHI to GLP, possibly 1-2%

Makes sense, I think we could collect the listing suggestions and have a combined vote on this in the next few weeks

that would be great.

On this one point, I would strongly disagree.

Each asset on each chain should be treated as a separate token from a risk perspective. Whilst representing the same thing, it will have a different volume and liquidity profile on each chain, affecting how effective arbitrage is at keeping it’s ‘peg’ and how likely it is to materially deviate from the global oracle price, and it’s risk depends on how it’s wrapped and the exploit & counterparty risk that may introduce (e.g. from a bridged version of a token).


great points, and upon review i’d agree with this generally

Great!I quite aggree with you !