GD token concepts

Nice to meet you guys. After the FTX collapse, more and more people will realize the significance of decentralization in the crypto world and I really appreciate the great work GMX community has already done to make a decentralized perpetual exchange possible.

However, one of the pain point that makes traders frustrated about GMX is the expensive borrowing fee. I know the expensive borrowing fee is because of the limited liquidity resource but it’s just unacceptable for most traders. While the synths have potential to provide some more liquidity, the borrowing fee will probably remain high because of the surging demand for liquidity.

As long as the market needs LP, the liquidity is doomed to be a scarce resource leading to high borrowing fee which frustrates traders. The innovative idea of GD token seems to solve the problem. Let’s just talk about the pros and cons of the concept of GD token and the possibility of making GD token realistic. Is it possible to be free from LP so that there’s no limitation of liquidity?


Maybe I’ve missed something but how would a discussion surrounding a “GD Token” even begin here if you haven’t explained what it is?

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GD token is part of the PvP AMM design - you can read more about it here: X4: Protocol Controlled Exchange. We briefly mentioned X4 in an earlier… | by GMX | Medium

It’s an intermediary token that gets minted and pooled with the actual collateral, can also be minted about anyone at its current price without needing to open a position. I think it could be interesting to explore moving GLP to this model once it’s actually battle tested, kind of scary for now.