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Tsp.exchange which a novel decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator APP. Our core goal is to offer users a trading experience akin to that of centralized exchanges (CEX), while ensuring the transparency and security inherent to decentralized exchanges (DEX).

To achieve this goal, we’ve addressed two pivotal challenges of DEX:

By adopting the 4337 protocol, we’ve significantly simplified user private key management, thereby reducing the complexity of using a DEX.

Our user interface is designed to closely resemble CEXs, ensuring users don’t have to alter their trading habits.

Despite GMX’s advanced technology and philosophy, its end-user base remains limited. We believe this is primarily due to its user experience differing significantly from mainstream centralized exchanges like Binance and OKX. This is where Tsp.exchange comes into play, addressing this core issue for GMX. This collaboration is not only mutually beneficial but also synergistic, and we believe it will resonate with the community members.

We’ve successfully integrated with GMX V1 and are currently in the beta testing phase. In the future, we plan to invite members of the GMX community to participate in this beta test. Simultaneously, we’re also planning to integrate with GMX V2. However, due to financial constraints, this plan faces challenges. If GMX can provide financial support or consider investing in us, it would greatly expedite our development process.

A successful grant application will not only bolster our product promotion and brand endorsement but will also drive more users and traffic to GMX.

Grant Funding


Us age of Fund ing

These funds will be primarily allocated to product development. While $10,000 might not cover all our development costs, we are deeply grateful for any form of support. Such backing not only provides us with the necessary capital but also amplifies our brand’s influence and recognition.

( App Home Page : Centralized UI design and trading experience.)

( Perpetual Trading Page: Aggregating GMX liquidity.)

(Supervision Settings Page: 4337 protocol for account recovery.)

@Jonezee We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

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Hi TSP! The perpetual exchange page shows an order book, but as you likely know, GMX doesn’t have one. Would you be integrating order book dexes as well?

That small aesthetic issue put aside. I like the notion of a perp aggregator with a UI very similar to Binance. But GMX currently has no grants system in place. There are also some other prominent perp aggregators integrating GMX, without grant-based incentives.

We do tremendously value builders integrating with GMX. It would be great to see many different decentralized front ends make use of the GMX trading system. There are interesting monetization methods available for external interfaces integrating GMX in this manner. PM me on Telegram @Jonezee if you’d like to hear more, that’ll be easier.

Hello Jonezee!

Thank you for your prompt response and feedback on our proposal.

Regarding the order book, I understand your concern. While GMX doesn’t have a traditional order book, our platform, based on the GMX protocol, utilizes an algorithmic simulation combined with user-set stop-loss, take-profit, and limit orders to generate an order book representation. This approach is designed to provide users with a familiar interface, especially those transitioning from centralized exchanges, while staying true to the underlying mechanics of GMX.

Additionally, I’d like to highlight one of our platform’s standout features: the integration of the 4337 protocol, proposed by Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin. By implementing the 4337 protocol, if users forget their account details, they can recover their accounts through verification by their pre-set guardians. This feature not only enhances user trust but also reducing the complexity of using a DEX.

While we understand that GMX currently doesn’t have a grant system in place, our primary goal is to foster a strong collaboration and integration with GMX.

We’re very much open to exploring alternative monetization methods and would love to discuss this further. I’ll reach out to you on Telegram @kara_tsp to continue our conversation.

Thank you once again for considering our proposal, and we look forward to building a strong partnership with GMX.

Warm regards,


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Exciting news! Our Tsp.exchange test version is now live!

We invite everyone to join the testing phase and share your feedback.

Dive in and let us know how we can improve!

Testing Guide

:mega: Hey GMX Community!

We’re thrilled to introduce Tsp.exchange, a novel Transparent Exchange (TEX) aggregator APP. Our mission? Seamlessly bridge the user experience gap between Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), giving GMX users a Web 2.0 experience akin to industry-leading centralized exchanges such as Binance and OKX.

Thanks to our integration with the GMX V1 protocol smart contracts, we have successfully integrated GMX’s liquidity.

Further, our adoption of the 4337 protocol has drastically simplified user private key management, reducing the complexity of using a DEX.

Now, our version 0.1.3 beta is live! Please Note: it’s an unaudited beta version of the app.

We cordially invite you to test it and share your invaluable feedback. Your insights will help us refine and optimize our platform.

Ready to dive into the next-gen Web 2.0 DEX experience?

:link: Test link: https://www.tsp.exchange/Downlond_app.html
:blue_book: Testing guide: Testing Guide - Tsp.exchange
:point_right: Tsp.exchange <> GMX
Tsp.exchange <> GMX: Bringing Innovative Experiences to Decentralized Exchanges | by TspExchange | Oct, 2023 | Medium

I am testing out Tsp.exchange App Beta !:test_tube:

#decentralized exchange

Smooth sign-up & login, just like a centralized exchange! !:computer:

#AccountAbstraction technology = user convenience