How GMX make money to pay for Data Feeds?

Hi everyone, Being a power user of GMX. I had question in my mind lately. How GMX pays for all the expenses. I mean like Oracles contracts on Chainlink and gas fees to operate the contracts. I know there’s a platform fees already ( execution_fee) but just wondering about other operation costs, how this DAO automate this.


There are ongoing GMX bond sales via Bond Protocol that bring in revenue. And the Protocol owns its own liquidity on Uniswap, bringing in fees.

Aside from those small on-going revenue streams, there are existing reserves that provide for runway.


This is very helpful.

Thank you. A few questions:

  1. How much does GMX pay for oracles per month?
  2. How much is being sold via bond sales per month?
  3. What are bond sales?
  4. how much liquidity does the protocol own and how much is put out in LP pools?
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