Introduce discount on fees for holding/staking GMX

To that end, do we have a good sense for whether fee discounts for holding/staking GMX is the best mechanism to accomplish those goals above?

that’s a good point, agree that we should evaluate it those alternative usages


Does this factor user growth tho? Looks like steady state analysis. But the whole point of rebates is to attract new users by a better product - esp. those that know the market place.

IMO GMX needs to beat Binance, FTX and DYDX on fees. If it can, user growth will be epic. A 1000% user growth trumps the above metric on steady state.

Yup, I think we would want to evaluate the impact of the fee change on volume, as you mentioned it may be worth the change overall.


It is nice,I like to it

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This is good idear ,I like it

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Are these two bots…?

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Either bots or simply could be the average quality of contributions on defi governance forums. Can’t tell :rofl:

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