Multichain Expansion

It is only natural that after succeeding in the Avax C-chain and Arbitrum that GMX expands to other networks such as Aurora network and Polygon that way the protocol can attract more users easily because these are EVM compatible blockchains.

Team already said PvP AMM was probably gonna be on a new chain, because they don’t want to go to another chain without another product.

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If you look at most protocols that operate across chains, the activity + protocol economics tend to be heavily skewed towards one or two chains. See curve and sushiswap for example:

Also I don’t think it’s as simple as “press a button” and poof you deploy to any EVM-chain. There’s operational overhead + incremental marketing (aka token emissions) spend that comes with operating across different chains that I think doesn’t make this a no-brainer type of decision.

That said, I think the team has expressed interest in deploying to ZKRs down the line given some of the unique latency/composability/scalability/privacy properties that may be unique to these types of execution environments.