DataPond is the first decentralized book library built on top of the permanent Web.

Permanent Data

DataPond aims is to provide a well-designed Data Structure built on top of smart contracts that allows the following concept to become reality:

  • International community managed open book library based on open licence - such as creative commons
  • Free of Lobbies influences - giving community free access knowledge that provides positive returns on human society as well as a more diversified ecosystem.
  • Adapted for multi cultural interactions, where each communities - defined by both regional and languages - can define their own content, and have a customization community vibe
  • Without a legal framework - DataPond is doomed to become a space unsuitable for children and most adults. DataPond has a data design in mind that allows legal interaction with world states - while preserving the dynamic given by community contributions.
  • Real World Gamification engine - such as the delivery of Graduation NFTs that can be used for finding work, organizing like minded communities, and taking part into actionable tasks.

Decentralized by default, DataPond doesn’t define use states (aka countries) legal borders to define
which content is available or not.


DataPond uses community defined moderation - where the following content is forbidden to be published:

  • Political content
  • News / media / Reunions
  • Sexual content
  • Hateful content
  • Religious content
  • Copyrighted content that has a corporate distribution fee.
  • Promotion, or advertising for physical goods or services

Border free - Culturally inclusive

For languages that are known to have no copyright laws, such as Chinese and Russian - DataPond will have a simple process that will remove the copyright safeguard check - only when the content’s language is detected as such.
This will allow Chinese nationals living abroad to be able to access DataPond’s chinese cotnent with no restrictions.

In the scenario where States wants to contribute OPenData to their citizens trough DataPOnd - but for some copyright reasons - doesn’t want to distribute such content to other state’s citizen - DataPond will provide such states the capability to issue Digital Ids through specific Smart Contract only accessible by those state’s admins.
For example, after buying a bulk licence to the editors - Spain decides to publish all school books for free for Spain residents - but for licence reasons - cannot distribute this content for free to other spanish speaking state’s residents.

By default, DataPOnd considers borders rather cultural than physical. For this reason, accounts and access will not be geo-tracked. UNless a state specifically issue NFT tokens linked to a digitalID - Language will be the only criteria upon which content will be delivered upon.

Legal interactions

If any state - for legal reason - has to order that a content has to be removed from DataPond’s index - DataPond has a design for a decentralizerd common Legal framework built on top of smart contracts allowing to interact with those legal entities.

Content demo

DataPond has already a Windows only executable - aimed at studying the concept of accountless - serverless tech.

The aim of this project is to rewrite DataPond to allow users to suggest new content, vote for content promotion, and promote i18n community translation.

Hi Antony, please be aware that the deadline for submitting a proposal for the GMX Grants Program has passed.

See; Sunsetting GMX Grants Program