Applicant Name or Alias: 0xkmack

Project Name: Revelo Intel

Project Description: Revelo Intel is a research platform created to solve the problem of information fragmentation in DeFi while simplifying the typical DeFi Investor’s due diligence process with a robust suite of research products centered around the highest quality projects within the space.

Team Members and Qualifications:

1. Nick Drakon - Founder & CEO. Professional investor/trader with 20 years of experience.
2. Vu Benson - COO - 10 years experience developing businesses with a global impact.
3. 0xkmack - BD Director. 4 years of BD within Crypto for Defi Projects.

Project Links: https://revelointel.com

Grant Type: Open Grant

Contact Information:

TG: kmack24

Twitter: @0xkmack

Email: kirk@revelointel.com


Requested Grant Size: $11,500 USD worth of ARB. Value of the package equates to $15k commercially over 6 months, however Revelo is willing to provide 12 months of value at our 6 month price level.

Grant Matching: NA

Grant Breakdown:

Funds will enable the production of the following:

1. GMX Project Breakdown
2. (12) months of rolling 30-day Financial Snapshot Reports.
3. Event/AMA Analyst Coverage for up to (4) GMX events, podcasts, or AMAs for a (12) month time frame, or 48 total events.
4. 2x Newsletter Features throughout the course of (12) months. 15 virtual ads within subsequent newsletters.
5. (2) Podcasts with our founder, Nick Drakon, who is a fantastic interviewer who extracts the best out of his guests. Here is Nick’s recent interview with ChainLink God surrounding LINK. DefiSparks - Chainlink God

Funding Address: 0xe45ABb0c7012796E81FfED7AB3b601323b3a100e

Funding Address Characteristics: ⅔ Multi Sig.

Distribution Contract Address: NA

Incentivised Contract Addresses: NA


Objectives: Revelo Intel, as the objective of this grant, intends to become the research & education partner of GMX - helping to drive user adoption, and retention through unbiased reporting on the performance of the GMX products. Education has indeed become the new marketing - a paradigm shift in how protocols connect with their users. It’s no longer about chasing superficial metrics. The protocols that place user education at their core are the ones that will endure, weathering the market’s fluctuations and standing the test of time.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): The number of total users that are exposed to GMX through all deliverables.

How will receiving a grant enable you to foster growth or innovation within the GMX ecosystem?: This grant will provide Revelo with the funding it needs to provide the Analyst hours required to deliver our proposed products over the deliverable time periods outlined below.

Justification for the size of the grant: Analyst hours in need of funding, also aligns with our market pricing provided to other industry partners.


We have a large audience of DeFi power users, individuals who are serious about their investments and are actively seeking research with the clear intention of deploying capital. They’ve chosen us because they value the comprehensive, unbiased insights we deliver. We will distribute the products we have outlined in this proposal to the below social channels.

Platform Users - 6,000 researchers

Twitter (Revelo Intel) - 13,000 followers

Daily Bolt Newsletter - 12,000 subscribers

YouTube - 3,300 subscribers

Grant Timeline and Milestones:

Timeline for products is as follows:

1. Project Breakdown: We will make the GMX report available immediately to the public portion of our platform. The report is maintained in perpetuity to ensure it is always current with any new features or developments. An example of the report we have published on GMX can be found here. GMX Breakdown
2. Financial Snapshots: Depending on the timing of the grant decision, will be provided during the first applicable rolling 30-day period from approval, it does take 2-3 weeks to develop the frame work for the first snapshot, then easy to plug and play for rolling 30 day periods thereafter. An example of the report we have published on GMX can be found here. Pendle Snapshot
3. AMA/Event Coverage: Starts immediately, publishing reports no later than 48 hours after the initial AMA event occurs. An example of the report we have published on GMX can be found here.The Edge Podcast - GMX
4. DefiSparks Podcast: First podcast to be coordinated with GMX Core Team for the 1st half of 2024 / 2nd for the 2nd half of 2024.

Fund Streaming: Yes, we accept.


A full breakdown of the package we are offering can be found here: GMX Comprehensive Package

What date did you build on GMX?: We published our first report for GMX on December 12, 2022.

Protocol Performance:

Project Growth:

- Platform Subscribers: Growth from 0 to over 6,000 from February 2023 when the platform was born. 30% MoM growth since May 2023.

-X Social Following: Growth from 3,300 January 2023 - 13,000 November 2023, 15% MoM growth since May 2023.

-Newsletter Subscribers: 12,000 readers growing on an average of 15% MoM since May 2023.

Industry Traction:

-25 protocol partners including Dopex, Pendle, Premia, Liquity, and Savvy.

Protocol Roadmap:

Here are some other samples of our work:

Arbitrum: Arbitrum Breakdown

Chainlink: Chainlink Breakdown

Dopex: Dopex Breakdown

Pendle: Pendle Breakdown

Audit History (if any): NA

SECTION 5: Data and Reporting

Provide details on how your team is equipped to provide data and reporting on grant distribution. We already have external reporting procedures in place for other projects that we have partnered with that we will offer to the DAO for their feedback and we are open to improving upon these processes should it make sense.

Is your team prepared to create Dune Spells and/or Dashboards for your incentive program?: We have reporting on our platform that we can provide to GMX DAO, along with deliverable trackers that will display date/time of every publication.

Does your team agree to provide bi-weekly program updates on the GMX Forum thread?:Yes. Revelo Intel will provide updates in accordance to the timeline above, if the DAO feels strongly that bi-weekly is needed we have no issue delivering this. We will provide a deliverables tracker to the DAO so that all publications can be checked in real time.

Does your team acknowledge that failure to comply with any of the above requests can result in the halting of the program’s funding stream?: Yes.

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Thank you for submitting your application to the GMX DAO Grants. We will review your application and get back to you.

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Sounds good, thank you. Please let us know if you need anything!

Hey, thanks for submitting the application, but unfortunately, the grants committee will be rejecting the application because we cannot fund marketing and research projects based on the STIP rules.

Thanks for letting me know Saurabh.

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