[OPEN GRANT APPLICATION] Perpetual Positions Dashboard


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Applicant Name or Alias: Serge
Project Name: Perpetual Positions Dashboard

Project Description:

  • Tool for quick and convenient monitoring of open positions and filtering them by the most profitable traders

Team Members and Qualifications:
Serge - Dev (PHP, JS)

Project Links:

Contact Information:

TG: Telegram: Contact @s732387654

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imxflowcom

Email: imxflowcom@gmail.com


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Requested Grant Size: 10k ARB

Grant Breakdown:
Development, hosting, maintenance

Funding Address:
To be provided

Funding Address Characteristics: MPC wallet

Distribution Contract Address: n/a

Incentivised Contract Addresses: n/a


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Simple and easy to understand analytics is what many people need to start trading on decentralized protocols. Crypto derivatives trading still looks too complicated for the masses. Researching and following profitable traders will encourage people to start using the protocol

I developed this tool for myself, and seeing how useful it is I decided to share it with the community

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

This tool analyzes data of traders’ closed positions and provides flexible filters by traders’ WIN RATE, PNL and count of trades

The tool aggregates open positions from GMX and MUX for a selected category of traders and displays them in real time. You can see the sentiment of top traders at any time, their position sizes, average leverage, their total PNL and PNL of open positions, which can be very useful for making a decision

You can also limit the age of open positions to see which positions were opened today or a few days ago

Add interesting traders to your favorites and follow them, even if they don’t fit your chosen criteria. (Smart traders may not be profitable at the moment)

How will receiving a grant enable you to foster growth or innovation within the GMX ecosystem?:

More useful data and analytics available - more mass adoption

Justification for the size of the grant:

The requested grant will help cover the costs of development and maintenance, as well as adding new features if requested by the community

Grant Timeline:

The main features are already implemented and working, adding new features is possible upon request from the community. Since only GMX V1 is currently integrated, integration of V2 is required.

  • V2 positions integration will take 2-3 weeks (Once the V2 integration is implemented this will be the milestone of receiving the 10k ARB grant amount)

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What date did you build on GMX?:

Oct/Nov 2023

Protocol Performance:

The tool has just appeared for public access

Protocol Roadmap:

More integrations are planned if requested and approved by the community

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Hey Serge, thank you for submitting your application for GMX DAO Grants. The team will start reviewing your application shortly. If you can share your Telegram for faster communication, it will be great.

Hi Serge,

Very nice platform that you’ve built here, was looking at the PnLs, although do you know what’s the refresh rate of how long these positions PnL are updated?

Many of the addresses with open positions, I’ve seen have a different PnL to the stated ones in the platform.


Hi, thank you for your interest.
Tokens prices are updated every 2 minutes and update the PnLs of the positions. Positions (and users) data is updated when you click the “Reload positions” button. The positions data was displayed a bit incorrectly due to fee effects, I have now fixed it and they are as close as possible. Here we have to compromise between very accurate data and between a large number of queries on these positions, at the moment the accuracy is adequate to show the general sentiment of traders.


Unfortunately, we will be rejecting the application. The project is relevant, but there is a significant overlap with existing solutions. Allocating 2-3 weeks for V2 integration, considering the cost of 10K, seems a bit excessive. Additionally, this integration does not provide much value beyond what we have already seen with other dashboards.