Perpie Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Perpie Grant Bi-Weekly Update

I. Executive Summary:

a) Roadmap Progress

  • PERPIE IS LIVE! We launched a couple of days ago and have received great feedback. We are gradually seeing an increase in user traffic and have been continuously improving and stabilizing Perpie.
  • After completing the planning and architecture design for GMXV2, the implementation has officially begun and the progress is excellent!
    We have decided to focus initially on the read actions with the protocol, and we have nearly achieved full coverage for retrieving and collecting al data necessary for a smooth, fast, and seamless integration on V2.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements

  • No KPIs/Milestone achievements for the integration with V2, it’s in progress yet not completed.

b**) Dune Dashboards**

  • We have started building a Dune Analytics dashboard to track our metrics for the next milestone.

II. Current Progress:

Apart from the intense work on integrating with GMXv2, we have also launched Perpie to the public and developed additional features to enhance the overall product experience.

  • Major progress on the GMX v2 anticipated integration!
  • Added country restrictions - to avoid legal issues
  • Added TOS approval - users will have to approve our terms of service within the bot and the webapp will validate IP
  • Enriched notifications with more data about the related transactions
  • Tweaked the simulation engine developed previously to achieve even more stabilized experience
  • Improved onboarding message to provide clearer instructions on how to migrate funds into Perpie
  • Optimized gas estimations engine
  • Started working on data tracking and dune analytics dashboard
  • Perpie wallet now “remembers” your previous social login account to prevent mistakes with logins
  • Major architectural change related to our trading SDK to enable easier integration to perps DEX in the future
  • Built and Audited our GMX adapter smart contract

III. Community Engagement X parntership announcemets: