Vote on Arbitrum Short-term incentive Program

Hello, I’m wonder,
I’ve been here since the launch of GMX on Arbitrum and I have to say it’s been and still is a crazy ride. We have reached many milestones along our journey.
We launched V2, which has achieved incredible results since its inception, even in a bear market with the lowest volume in recent years, which is incredibly respectable.
We have become the largest protocol on arbitrum with currently $412M in TVL.
So we can say that that whole defi on the arbitrum is us. We are the arbitrum. As we could notice, the arbitrum experienced a large outflow of TVL. Arbitrum is starting to lose its dominance and awareness because nothing interesting is happening on it.


Arbitrum came up with a proposal Short-term incentive Program that we can and must decide on because we are the largest, most respected and most successful project on this chain. We as GMX received 8m ARB which represent 8 million votes.
We were able to see how incentives can revive the chain and attract new users. This program can help to grow our business a lot and revive trading on arbitrum and bring us more fees and attract more TVL. Therefore, I propose that we vote with our 8m votes on this proposal in the following order:

  1. For up to 75M ARB through January 31, 2024.
  2. For up to 50M ARB through January 31, 2024.
  3. For up to 25M ARB through January 31, 2024.

proposal :

Let’s discuss this topic and get to the vote as quickly as possible. The future of arbitrum lies in our hands!

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This is a no brainer. Has been discussed numerous times in the main and trading chat that we’d like emissions from Arb to incentivize v2 growth. Bear market volumes go wherever emissions exist so minimally it would be useful to grab some mind share and with it, market share. It’s not a panacea for low volumes across the board but it can keep the yield above a very low level and bring more in fees to the team to continue to increase team size.

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