Well I'll be the first to say it, what the heck do we do with the $ARB token?

People are 10000% gonna want the action on all the post-launch volatility, and I am assuming that we’re still a bit away when it comes to synthetics, and i dont believe that adding ARB to GLP is an easy thing to do or the right decision.


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This will definitely require a thorough discussion; good that you raise it early.

Agree, good to bring it up early!
I like the idea of adding it to GLP and grab some of the volatility you mention depending on how difficult it is to add…

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Adding ARB to the current GLP is not a good idea.

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Distribute a small percentage of $Arb to community say 10% of total tokens. Base it on comments and memes in unofficial telegram and rep in main telegram.

Keep the rest for us to control the governance of Arbitrum.

Yeah, let’s not give it to people for being in a telegram.

Initial thoughts, some first ideas, allocations for reference only. :

  • Yield protection (same as esGMX as emissions will be over) : 5-10% for GMX & 10-20% for GLP (Allocation 37,5%).

  • $GMX/$ARB pool in uni v3 (Allocation 25%) : Floor price fund & Yield generation from fees. May be one sided with ARB at the beginning. Also, valid question would be if these can be sold if valuation reaches an insane amount at the begining, to get runway. This will also mitigate the question of selling the tokens. Thinking 10$+ for example could trigger a sale process. By providing liquidity on uni v3 from 10$+ (single sided to $ETH or $GMX, can be considered as a buy back). The GMX bought can then be used as esGMX for yield protection creating a virtuous loop.

  • Synths bootstrapping (Allocation 12.5%) : Yield protection for new LPs / pool creators.

  • New Chains bootstrapping (Allocation 12.5%) : Could be in the form of users providing liquidity to both arbi & other chains, so that Arbitrum stays the central hub.

  • Projects building on GMX (Allocation 12.5%) : Present & Future projects, Define a grant program for these projects based on past activity & future achievements.


Thanks for your well-thought-out suggestions Nulos. Keep them coming!