A bunch of suggestions

Here’s some suggestions after being a user for a while:

Staking related

  • While the current stacking setup is completely fine, I would love to have some sort of vault that autocompounded my GMX stacking rewards into GLP (for those of us who want a more stable asset) and then autostaked said GLP for a portion of my total APR (the vault could take like 5-10% of fees to cover gas costs + have more income for the protocol). Something like this:

    • Every day at 00:00 > Claim rewards > Swap WETH for GLP > Stake esGMX > Stake GLP
      (I know that this can be done manually, but any sort of automated vault would remove a lot of hassle for those who mainly use the platform to stake GMX and it could bring some extra money back to the treasury)
  • Maybe it’s difficult (i’m not that much of a techincal guy), but we could have an autohedge feature for GLP stakers. Essentially, once you try to stake, the protocol analyses your position and then using the weight of each asset within GLP opens a position for each one to cover its exposure. (Before that, maybe we could show a prompt to the user with the positions that are gonna be opened, something like this:)

To this last point. Maybe instead of implementing it in that way, we could build a calculator so people could do it themselves?

Trading related

  • It doesn’t affect me, but I think the platform could attract big traders by implementing even more cex-like features. Something we could start with could be something like TWAP bots so it’s easier for people to get into big positions, now that synthetics are coming and a lot of new assets will be available for trading.

  • From the moment you are about to open a position, you should be able to set the TP/SL of it. They are basically limit orders, so it would mean just adding another call to a contract once you press the “Place order” button (again I’m not that technical, so apologies if it’s not as hard as I think it is).

  • It helps to see your position [TL - SL - buy in] in the chart itself. Should it be implemented, something like what FTX does it would be fine.


  • The protocol has a lot of liquidity from GLP. I’m sure that a big % is in use, but the amount that isn’t should/could be put to use to generate yield to build some sort of reserves. Having said reserves would lessen the burden of big payouts to traders, having any sort of hack or loss… It could be used as a sort of safety net.

I’ll end by saying that GMX is one of the best protocols out there, and I only wish the best for it. Love the hardworking dev team, it’s not something you see on most DeFi protocols.

(Also apologies for my bad english just in case, I’m not a native speaker :confused:)


It may be hard to develop but as a long term holder i liked the idea, an auto compound feature will be very nice

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Thanks for offering your suggestions in an eloquent and clear fashion :pray:


Thx for the suggestions man, itll be nice to see those implemented

Good suggestions!

FWIW – I think auto-compounding shouldn’t be too hard to implement using bots (i.e. something like Gelato or Chainlink keepers).