Separating the LP/staking site from the trading site

As the team continues to do a great job and add more and more features for traders, the UI will also slowly but surely get clunky. And a clunky UI is definitely something we don’t want; we want to keep the UI as clean and as tidy as possible.

📙 The proposal

After some time(probably after synths?), we should totally separate the LP/staking/governance/referrals/etc website, from the main trading website.

  • for the trading arm
  • something like or (or whatever) for the rest that doesn’t concern trading

dYdX(along with some other DeFi platforms) realized this early on, hence why they have for trading, and for the staking/LP/etc.

So the main trading site’s header will look from this


to something like this (made this in like 2 mins, don’t judge):

(community opens a new tab, opening the separate staking/lp/etc arm of GMX)

🤪 Final thoughts

We need to be as retail friendly as possible, and a lot of people that just want to solely focus on trading doesn’t need to see all the staking stuff.

Thankfully, a lot of successful exchanges and DEXs already exist, and I think we should take notes on how their UI/UXs are designed.

If I get bored I’ll probably create a longer post for potential UI/UX improvements.

With that said, I wish the team good luck and keep up the good work!


thank you for the suggestion and well wishes! I think a separate site could make sense, we can definitely consider the site structure more, will look into that after synthetics :slight_smile:


I see the logic in the suggestion, thanks. As traders are the protocol’s number one target group and audience, it makes sense to optimize the app UI completely towards them. Setting apart the app segments for stakers and liquidity providers, perhaps is the most sensible conclusion.

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yeap that’s pretty much the tl;dr

I see how that could create confusion. That would make a good improvement as well as make the site more professional

I wouldn’t say that it would necessarily create confusion; it’s a lot more of the fact that it makes things look cluttered as heck.

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