Artificial Intelligence (AI) GMX - Algalon AI

Hello everyone,

Im the founder of Algalon AI, an AI DeFi platform on Arbitrum.

Algalon AI is an AI platform that provides a wide range of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools to support the blockchain industry. Our mission is to lead the AI industry for crypto projects, by making the DeFi accessible to everyone.

Algalon AI Stage
Algalon AI has a very engaged community, with respected presence in Twitter, TG, Discord and Crew3. Product wise, we are ready to launch the first product, the AI Swap - an AI Swap chat based integrated to top DEXes and in the future will provide more DeFi option like Lending, Farming, LPs and heading to Perpetual trading.

Product Videos:

We are heading our token launch in the following days\weeks and immediately with the product will be live for everyone to use on Arbitrum (and on other chains).

Our Proposal:
In light of the nature of our business, our main revenue streams generated by trading fees (and subscriptions for future products). We would like to offer a fix rev-share of 50% fees to GMX Governance generated in our platform from Perps transactions. In return, Algalon AI will have GMX formal partnership support and starting a due diligence process for $AiFi token listing with preferred terms if are met.

Thanks and looking forward to hear your thoughts.

if this comes to a voting, I will be 100% sure to vote against it because of this tweet you guys made.
Very opportunistic, trying to mislead the public, all the things that GMX is against.
I will be sure to explain and ask the community not to engage.

Algalon AI (:blue_heart:,:orange_heart:) on Twitter: “Exciting news! Algalon AI is integrating with the leading Decentralized Perpetual Exchange @GMX_IO to bring cutting-edge AI capabilities to their platform. Stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration! $AiFi $ARB $GMX” / Twitter


High reputation risk for such unknown and uncertain area in exchange for none upside gain or any advantage.

The fact that you start the title of this post with “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” instead of the name of your project clearly shows your intentions.