Enable vesting options for esGMX received as referral rewards

In the original proposal for the GMX referral program, Tier 3 affiliates are able to receive an additional 5% of the trading fee in the form of esGMX. And these esGMX, according to the design,

will not have any requirements for vesting, it can just be deposited into the vesting vault to be converted into GMX over 365 days.

However, as a recipient of these rewards, I’ve noticed that there’s no option to vest my esGMX in the interface. Upon discussing with the developer, it became clear that this isn’t due to an interface bug; rather, the feature simply hasn’t been implemented yet. Does the team have any plans to implement this functionality? Could we possibly add a feature enabling us to vest our esGMX?

hi, this feature is currently in the task list, there are a few high priority tasks that are being worked on mainly related to on-chain voting, vesting of esGMX referral rewards will be worked on after


As of March 1 2024, vesting for esGMX received through affiliate referral rewards is available on the Earn page.

Thanks to the team for this update!