GMX Marketing Via Chico Crypto

GMX needs marketing to help with upcoming competition from other platforms!

Chico Crypto is a DeFi focused media brand across multiple platforms (YouTube, X, Instagram)

We are one of the OG’s covering GMX. First discovering the project in September of 2021

Since we have been actively covering GMX & it’s progress. Below are just a few examples

The brand would like to focus on becoming a communication platform for GMX (Traders, Investors, Builders & More)

This would include creating high quality GMX video content every week (1-2 videos) while also creating content around GMX partners & the greater DeFi ecosystem to help bring in supporters of other crypto projects onto GMX.


We estimate that per 1 minute of video the cost will be around $1000. We intend to create videos that average around 10 minutes due to the YouTube algorithm is heavily skewed towards promoting videos of 10+ mins.

This would be a budget of about $10,000 per week.

We are a lightweight team. Here is a breakdown of where costs will go:

Script Writer (Tyler of Chico Crypto) -50%

Editor - 25%


Hope this proposal gets some traction. GMX is about to enter a highly competitive environment. The more content created around GMX will help GMX stand out against these competitors.

Tyler of Chico Crypto


Come on guys! GMX would be nowhere near to where it is right now if it wasn’t for Chico. I don’t want to undermine GMX’s success, but I also wouldn’t take for granted everything that Chico’s done for the brand.


Chico loves GMX and is known for a Chico price bounce for projects he mentions. It will bring value to GMX and all the good things you are doing that the world needs to know more about.

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Respectfully not sure if that is the case. I’ve always appreciated Tyler and his content. At this point our focus needs to be with partner protocols, getting chainlink oracles, adding additional assets, changes to UX, and updating even the stats to make sure this process is automated.

Tyler your sponsored sections in youtube should have analytics on how they change when your bring those up. Can you share the drop off rate there and the comparison on Sponsored videos vs unsponsored?

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The Most trusted Crypto influencer! Always finds gems with huge potential and support them no matter what! Honest and trustworthy. Thank you for everything that you’ve done and keep doing for this industry


The beauty of this type of this type of content is it wouldn’t be “sponsored” as I’m not being directly paid by the company, but through a decentralized treasury. I only have to say sponsored as required by law when a company directly pays me.

But I can come back with sponsored vs unsponsored analytics in a bit. Gotta dig through my videos to extract the data.


Thanks Chico I was one of your OG subs (I think you were less a thousand at that point).


#ChicoArmy since 2019*

Not only would I not have known about GMX if it were not for Chico, but I (@CieriCrypto) don’t think that Wes (@CryptoMcguyver) and I would be here as influencers without Chico.

Chico’s videos are the only reason I had the confidence to actually log onto a DAPP (UNISWAP) back in 2020 and have watched every single video, every single day since then.

If there is ANYONE in crypto that you want promoting your DAPP/Product - Chico Crypto has the following and ALPHA street cred that you want.

I can’t count how many projects that I have used after watching Chico, but I will say that I am pretty sure it was Chico Army all logging into a certain app after a video and the App Froze*
#ChicoArmy is always hunting for the best alpha and they always get in early.

We personally use GMX and STILL believe it will do amazing things in the future, and we believe Chico will only add to the awesomeness that is GMX !!

                         - Cieri Crypto
                                Co-Founder of The Crypto Remora
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Yoo Chico, thanks! Its hard for GMX to budget for marketing, but you can probably earn more than $10k via referral links to get traders to come onboard
GMX | Decentralized Perpetual Exchange is the link to go create your own referral, earning 5% to 10% while offering your audience another 5% to 10% off.

Similar to what I did for my 10% off to audience

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Great Idea I have seen many a crypto neglect the power of advertising and I cant think of anybody better to do it for GMX. My only suggestion would be, maybe just 1 or 2 videos per month maybe 15-20 minutes!?

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