Is an anon mode helpful for GMX?

I have been researching how DAOs make decisions and I am curious about anonymity. Since this feature is possible on discourse and is easy to enable:

  1. Have we considered enabling it here
  2. If yes, why, if not, why not?

My thesis is that optional anonymity would allow users to communicate candidly without needing to create a throwaway account, and would love your feedback on this.


I haven’t really thought about the advantages of this, to be honest. I generally feel that pseudonymity works better in the context of a serious-minded forum like this.

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at the very least enabling blinded voting on snapshot is a good idea. it uses shutter in backend.

would make for less lopsided (arguably more honest) voting


Luis here from shutter.

Very good idea! Here are some more infos and benefits of shielded/encrypted voting (which isn’t anonymous voting but rather encrypting the vote during the proposal period and then decrypting afterwards):

Shapeshift and Arbitrum DAOs are using shielded voting, as are many other larger and smaller DAOs.

Let me know if you have questions, us and Snapshot team are happy to answer!