Leverage glp liquidity

As glp liquidity is growing there are more liquidity then open positions that of course lowers the apy and leave a lot of coins unused.

One thing that can be done is leveraging the extra liquidity and get interest for it (a lot of companies e.g. in the insurance business do that…).

One way we can leverage is for example staking eth and when the liquidity is needed it can be unstaked.


there is plans to leverage the GLP liquidity, I believe the mysterious X4 :smiley: has something to do with it, another way we leveraging is by creating flexible swaps to keep the target ratios

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Good to know! Thanks for your reply :blush:

Thank you for this proposal, definitely makes sense to optimize the yield through that way, will see how it can be scheduled to be implemented.


Will this be possible now using AMM as a part of x4?

It would be possible to have GLP as a base pair, so having pairs like ETH/GLP, USDC/GLP

Converting the actual assets in the GLP pool to yield generating assets might take quite a while as it likely will require a migration to new contracts