[OpenOcean] Grant Bi-Weekly Update

OpenOcean Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: [07/10/2024]

I. Executive Summary:

OpenOcean has made significant progress on the integration as planned. We have developed a solution to integrate GMX V2 into our routing algorithm using the updated codebase provided by the GMX team. This integration is currently undergoing testing and will be deployed on our upgraded API on Arbitrum in the following week. The next phase will be developing the API to connect GMX v1 & v2, and obtaining the audit report of OpenOcean Arbitrum Contract with GMX integration, which is expected to be completed by the end of July. The Dune dashboard support is pending, as we are still in the process of integrating GMX V2.

II. Current Progress:

  • The aggregation contract for GMX has been developed and completed. Specific solution has been implemented for refund cases.

  • The GMX v2 pools have been successfully integrated into the OpenOcean aggregation route algorithm. We have also considered and provided the solution to the scenarios of transaction failures and the trades requirements are not met.

  • We are currently in the process of frontend aggregation. This process is to ensure the transaction routed to GMX v2 pools can be smoothly executed on chain and is able to obtain corresponding transaction hashes.

III. Community Engagement:

  • We have announced the upcoming GMX V2 launch on Twitter to inform our community and are preparing additional social media posts to further promote. Additionally, we are working on designing a GMX trading campaign set to launch in August.

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:

Not available yet. It is pending due to the development of the GMX API needed to connect GMX v1 and v2 liquidity pools.