[RFC] Automated Liquidity Optimization by DefiEdge For GMX


DeFiEdge is an on-chain asset management protocol designed for Uniswap V3 style concentrated DEXes, allowing users to manage over 20 ranges and invest in leading strategies. By harnessing this protocol, users can efficiently add liquidity to myriad strategies, earning fees based on their liquidity contribution.

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem is perpetually evolving, and DefiEdge is at its avant-garde, bringing a revolutionary solution for liquidity providers in decentralised exchanges (DEXs) with its Automated Liquidity Optimization (ALO) platform.

Understanding ALO:

At its core, DefiEdge’s ALO is a game-changing protocol that intricately combines multiple mechanisms for optimal liquidity management on DEXs. It seeks to:

  1. Balance liquidity provisions,
  2. Minimise impermanent losses,
  3. Maximise Capital Efficiency for liquidity providers (LPs).
  4. Reduce Slippage

Why Choose DefiEdge’s ALO?:

Superior to HODL Strategy: ALO is designed to outpace traditional hold (HODL) strategies by enhancing liquidity provisions, translating to increased swap fees for LPs. It does so by mitigating impermanent loss during high volatility periods.

Adaptive & Automated: The responsive nature of ALO means it intelligently tailors its approach based on prevailing market conditions, offering LPs a chance to leverage their investments to the fullest.

Real-Life Proof: ALO’s effectiveness isn’t just theoretical; it has proven its worth across various DEXs. A few shining examples include strategies for:

WETH-ARB, WETH-USDC on Sushiswap

USDT-WBNB on Pancakeswap


These strategies prove ALO’s prowess in optimising liquidity amidst the ever-changing DeFi environment.

Spotlight on ALO in Action - Case Study: WETH-SNX ALO Strategy on Optimism:

A significant marker of ALO’s potency is evident in the WETH-SNX pair on Optimism. Since its launch in May 2023, the strategy has adeptly navigated the DeFi terrains, yielding over a 16% profit. The strategy’s success underscores ALO’s ability to automate liquidity provisions, seamlessly adjusting to market dynamics. This case study is a testament to ALO’s real-world efficiency, showcasing its immense value to LPs.

Applications of ALO:

DefiEdge’s ALO is not just versatile; it’s transformative. Some of its prime use cases include:

The transition from V2 to V3: Leveraging the potential of Uniswap V3’s concentrated liquidity, ALO ensures a seamless shift.

BlueChip ALO (BCALO): This strategy upholds a 50-50 ratio, catering specifically to Blue Chip tokens – the DeFi stalwarts. It’s a blend of simplicity and efficiency, mitigating risks like impermanent loss while maximising profit potential.

5-95 to 50-50 Liquidity Distribution for Non-Blue Chip Pairs: ALO aims for an orderly exit from governance tokens, ensuring sustained liquidity for buying and selling actions.

Slippage Improvement & TWAP Protection: ALO enhances trade quality by reducing slippage, ensuring protection against sudden price shifts affecting the Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP).

Impact & Benefits For GMX :

  • Enhanced liquidity efficiency for the $GMX token pool on Concentrated DEXs.
  • Reduced slippage, leading to a seamless trading experience for users.
  • Increased community engagement through direct liquidity provision.
  • Empowerment of $GMX token holders with permissionless and non-custodial asset management.
  • Taking the liquidity to more dexes and boosting the volume of $GMX
  • Transparent and cost-effective fees, providing complete visibility into strategy performance and outcomes.

Competitive Landscape: DefiEdge’s Unique Position in Liquidity Optimization

The liquidity optimisation sector has witnessed significant growth, with various platforms vying for a position in this competitive landscape. Amidst this, DefiEdge’s ALO (Automated Liquidity Optimization) platform emerges as a standout solution that redefines liquidity management with its distinct features, benefits, and competitive advantages.

1. Intelligent Strategy Engine: DefiEdge’s ALO platform sets itself apart with its intelligent strategy engine, which dynamically adapts to market conditions, asset performance, and user preferences. Unlike many conventional solutions, ALO leverages advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide users with optimised liquidity management strategies, mitigating impermanent loss and maximising yield.

2. Non-Custodial Architecture: DefiEdge’s ALO platform boasts a non-custodial architecture that empowers users with complete control over their assets. Unlike custodial solutions, where users surrender control to a third party, ALO ensures that liquidity providers retain ownership, enhancing security and minimising counterparty risks.

3. Permissionless Accessibility: ALO’s permissionless nature signifies its commitment to financial inclusivity. Anyone can access the platform without the need for intermediaries or approval processes. This democratised approach levels the playing field and allows users to harness liquidity optimisation opportunities without barriers.

4. Community Empowerment: By integrating DeFiEdge’s ALO protocol, the GMX token community can explore and create its liquidity management strategies. This flexibility fosters a vibrant ecosystem where the community enhances growth and liquidity.

5. Automated Rebalancing & Governance Token Accumulation: DeFiEdge’s ALO strategies optimise liquidity management and accumulate the base asset ($GMX) while providing governance tokens. This innovative mechanism ensures dynamic liquidity utilisation while also rewarding token holders.

Embark on the ALO Journey:

DefiEdge’s ALO is your gateway to next-gen liquidity management in the vibrant DeFi world. It promises strategic optimisation, risk mitigation, and unparalleled returns. With ALO at the helm, you can navigate the DeFi waters with intelligence and precision.

Step into the future with DefiEdge’s ALO. Let’s redefine DeFi together.

Website: DefiEdge

App: DefiEdge App

Docs: DefiEdge Docs

Connect: Twitter | Discord

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GMX’s Protocol-Owned Liquidity is conservatively allocated, with security a prime concern. External management and optimization services are not likely to find any interest here.