Rodeo Finance Bi-WeeklyUpdate

Rodeo Finance Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: Jan 10, 2024

I. Executive Summary:

a) Roadmap Progress

  • Leveraged GM farms audited, tested and ready to launch publicly

  • Rodeo expanding Camelot integration with V3 leveraged farms under audit

  • Rodeo testing first of several Vault products

  • Integration with D2 Finance for upcoming Rodeo++ Vault

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements

  • Rodeo has successfully completed the tasks set forth in Milestone 1
    • Independent Audit of GM Farms Strategy and Oracle Implementation
    • Paladin Sec Audit Completed
    • Audits - Rodeo Finance

c) Dune Dashboards

  • Analytics page will be built after the finalization of incentive distribution / claim page and smart contracts are finalized

II. Current Progress:

  • Smart contracts and dApp page are in progress to allow users to view their accumulation of incentives and claim

  • GM farms are ready to deploy live, we are waiting the dispersion of next phase of grants from GMX to launch in tandem with incentives

    • Lending Pool Incentives (to boost available liquidity for GM farms) - 20,000 ARB
    • GM Farm incentives (dynamically adjusted for time in vault) - 30,000 ARB over 3 months
  • Partner integration with D2 Finance to go live with the launch of GM farms and GMX ARB incentives

III. Community Engagement:

  • The community has been following the audit progress closely. Great interest has been expressed from both community and partners for the launch of GM farms

  • Analytics have not started until the distribution of incentives happens (so we can gauge the impact of the incentives)

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • Rodeo will be officially kicking off our long term partnership with D2 Finance for the Rodeo++ vault. D2 will deploy up to 75% of the Rodeo++ Vault TVL to Rodeo‚Äôs GM leveraged vaults, complemented by a mix of convex and directional hedges, or direct allocation to ETH++ for the remaining balance.

  • Rodeo is in discussions with several new partners in the RWA and cross-chain sectors to advance our yield strategies and offerings

  • We are further expanding existing partnerships with Sushiswap for their Sushi Bonds, Bond Protocol and JonesDAO for Rodeo liquidity solutions for users and POL