Rodeo Finance - Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Rodeo Finance Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: Feb 07, 2024

I. Executive Summary:

a) Roadmap Progress

  • Rodeo currently has ~$204k TVL between the GM Pool Leverage Farms

  • Partnership with D2 Finance has begen to drive additional volume through the GM farms on Rodeo

  • Major friction point to overcome is the lending liquidity limitations preventing more capital available for leverage. Rodeo is focused to attract more liquidity to the lending pools in order to facilitate additional USDC for leveraging into the GM farms as there is large demand but lack of supply.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements

  • Rodeo currently has ~$204k TVL between the GM Pool Leverage Farms

c) Dune Dashboards

II. Current Progress:

Rodeo is only at 20% of our next milestone goal to hit $1mil TVL in the GM farms. The major factor preventing additional TVL is the lack of lending liquidity in our lending pool. Rodeo will focus heavily on attracting more TVL to the lending pool

III. Community Engagement:

  • Expanding visibility through additional marketing and collaborations including AMA with GMX/D2/Camelot, Isekai, DIA, and more

  • Rodeo is reworking the lending rates and fee splits to better balance the system and compete with other passive USDC APRs on Arbitrum

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • D2 Finance

  • In early discussions with Nitro Cartel to create a leverage farm ontop of their GMLP index and potentially deploy to the lending pool to provide further liquidity into the GM V2 ecosystem

  • Entering into partnerships to expand offering into the RWA asset sector