SNTL Auto-Compounding GMX Vault

Hey all, our team SNTL (Sentinel) recently launched a DAPP to trade esGMX. When working with GMX accounts we noticed having an auto-compounding reward tool is possible working off existing architecture. Users could customize and control parameters such as…

  • How often to compound
  • Auto convert ETH earnings to GMX (and stake)
  • Unstake + sell in 1 tx
  • Can tokenize (create an NFT) of your account by adding account into your SNTL vault and creating an NFT for the vault that represents ownership. Vault can be detokenized at any time

Posting this to guage interest, would be happy to get this done and get a fully finished product (smart contracts + front end) up thats audited for 1k GMX + marketing support for the tool when launched. This 1k GMX would cover the cost of audit + dev work both smart contract + front end (a team of 4)

To see the quality of work that would be delivered you can view our recently built esGMX product

Code for the esGMX DAPP: GitHub - SentinelDev1/SNTL-Market

We would ask for a small fee for use of the vault that would be shared with GMX holders, in addition to SNTL team to cover ongoing maintenence and dev work after the tool is launched.

snapshot vote: Yes FUND No


Thanks for your team’s work on the esGMX market, and reaching out to the DAO with this proposal RV3. It looks interesting, and I’m sure it will be carefully evaluated by the devs, contributors and wider community to assess its viability. There is clearly added value in a customizable auto-compounder.


Appreciate the post here RV3 thanks for this. Sounds really interesting, also appreciate your point on quality of work thus far - this seems clear.

Def seems like this could be rly valuable for GMX ecosystem and holders.
Upfront investment of 1k GMX could make a lot of sense.

Would like to know further details on economics (fee split) and timeline, but high level I support this.