Tradao GMX Grant Final Report


In November 2023, Tradao was awarded a grant of 100,000 ARB by GMX to enhance GMX V2 through our advanced data analytics and comprehensive toolset. Throughout the grant period, we not only generated over $68M in trading volume, facilitated 1,600 transactions, and brought in 139 new trading addresses to GMX, but we also succeeded in attracting over 6,900 addresses to use Tradao for monitoring and following traders.

During this time, we completed the development of groundbreaking features for GMX, including the first permissionless copy trading platform, backtesting capabilities, grid trading, and a copy trading bot. Additionally, the launch of the Tradao copy trading contest marked a period of significant user growth and an increase in the number of transactions on GMX, powered by Tradao’s innovative solutions.

Key Number

Off-chain Data

  • 12000 MAU, this MAU data came from Google Analytics(GA), Here is our GA sceenshot

Onchain Data

Since we passed the grant, we have contributed more than $68M in Trading Volume, 1600 transactions, and 88 new referral addresses to GMX. There are 2 different codes to count those metric. They are “Tradao” and “Tradaox”.

Check Code on GMX Referral: GMX Referrals

  • Code of Tradao: It’s the old code we used before our copy trading function live without any incentive.

    • Time: 1 December to 20 March

    • Trading volume: $39,785,248

    • Traded: 732

    • New Address: 18

  • Code of Tradaox: It’s the new code we created in January.

    • Time: 1 Jan to 20 March

    • Trading volume: $29,141,148

    • Traded: 880

    • New Address: 121

Milestone & Result

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Milestone Details Amount Status
Copy-Trading Beginners-friendly. Follow, copy, automate, and earn by copying the trades from GMX top traders based on their real-time PnL. 20k $ARB Done
Backtesting Users will be able to do backtesting by setting the parameter with the GMX’s trader performance 10k $ARB Done
Copy-Trading TG Bot Allow users to do copy-trading via telegram bot with AA wallet 10k $ARB Done
Grid Trading Bot Allow trader to set up grid trading strategy on GMXv2 10k $ARB Done
Audit Engage a reputable audit firm to ensure safety 20k $ARB Done
Trading Competition Campaigns for user engagement and rewards 30k $ARB Ongoing

Milestone 1: Audit - Done

Audit Report: publications/audit_reports/PeckShield-Audit-Report-Tradao-v1.0.pdf at master · peckshield/publications · GitHub

Milestone 2: Copy-trading - Done

Milestone 3: Backtesting - Done

Milestone 4: Copy Trading TG bot - Done

Milestone 5: Grid Trading Bot - Done

Milestone 6: Copy Trading Competition - Ongoing(6 Mar to 24 Mar)