GMX Grant Program Bi-weekly update - Fluid

Fluid Grant Bi-Weekly Update
Date: December 12th, 2023

I. Executive Summary:

a) Roadmap Progress:

  • We are pleased to report that we are on track with our current roadmap, and all tasks scheduled for Q4 have been completed and we have continued to expand upon our initial planning for this quarter. This is visible in our current progress report.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements:

  • Our commitment to utilizing funds for all three milestones related to Trading Incentives and Audits remains unchanged.

  • We are excited to announce an ongoing competition with a prize pool of $25,000, scheduled to complete on December 15th.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and First Milestone Completed:

  • Our first milestone, defined as direct trading volume exceeding 2-3 million, has been achieved with a current trading volume of just under 6 million.
  • We have surpassed our targets, showcasing remarkable overachievement by our team.
  • We are now looking to smash through our second milestone of 6 million in volume.

c) Dune Dashboards:

  • We are actively working on developing Dune Dashboards for enhanced data visualization and better understanding.

II. Current Progress:

We are thrilled to share the recent V2 Bot Update, which includes several significant enhancements:

  • NEW Trading Pairs:

    • You can now engage in 50x trades with SOL, ARB, and LINK.
  • GMX V2 Market Stats:

    • We’ve added Liquidity, Open Interest, and Funding Fee stats for the newly added ARB, SOL, and LINK pools.
  • Leaderboard:

    • Introduction of the Individual Leaderboard with Volume and PnL statistics.
  • User Profit and Loss (PnL) History Stats Integration:

    • We are making progress on integrating User Profit and Loss (PnL) History Stats. This feature will enable users to track their trading performance over time.
  • Update Notifications:

    • Receive real-time alerts for Trailing Profit (TP) / Stop Loss (SL) triggers and position liquidations.
  • Error Handling:

    • We’ve addressed gas shortage issues that caused bot stalling and introduced post-fix notifications for gas shortage errors.
  • Position Closing Options:

    • Choose from various percentage-based options for closing positions on SL/TP, including 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Custom %, and Custom $.
  • Log Keeper Efficiency:

    • We’ve improved the efficiency of the log keeper by reducing the sleep interval for checking executed orders.
  • Network Reliability:

    • Implemented a fallback RPC (Remote Procedure Call) system to enhance network reliability.
  • Overall Visual Enhancements:

    • The bot’s user interface has undergone significant improvements for a better user experience.
  • Marketing Update:

    • Our marketing efforts are in full swing, including advertising on popular GMX V2 Stat Bots and exciting initiatives on the horizon.
  • Live token charts:

    • We are actively working on providing live token charts to enhance trading analysis.
  • Integration and addition of USDC as collateral:

    • We are in the process of integrating and adding USDC as collateral, which will expand trading options.
  • 3rd party API development:

    • We are developing third-party APIs to improve connectivity and so other projects can integrate our bot into theirs
  • Claim funding fees within the bot:

    • Claim funding fees within the bot: Users will soon be able to claim funding fees directly within the bot for added convenience.
  • Threads to increase scalability and reduce lag times for other users:

    • We are implementing threads to enhance scalability and reduce lag times for a smoother user experience.
  • V2 Pool Swaps Addition:

    • We are introducing the ability to swap between different V2 pools, providing greater flexibility to our users.
  • ETH <> ARB bridge integration:

    • We are working on integrating an ETH to ARB bridge, offering more trading options and opportunities.

III. Community Engagement:

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Alchemy, focusing on account abstraction, account security, and RPC. This partnership is a significant step in enhancing the security and functionality of our platform. Alchemy partnership Announcement

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to sharing more exciting developments soon.