GMX Grant Program Bi-weekly update - Fluid (2nd Edition)

FluidGMXBot Bi-Weekly Update: Comprehensive Developments, Expansion, and Exciting Competitions
Date: December 27th, 2023


We’re excited to bring you a substantial update packed with new developments, our strategic expansion, a significant milestone, and an engaging competition. Here’s the detailed breakdown of our latest achievements and what lies ahead.

Major Milestone: CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Fluid Token (FLUID) on CoinMarketCap: We’re thrilled to announce the listing of our Fluid token on CoinMarketCap, a major step in enhancing the token’s reach and transparency in the crypto market. Discover more about FLUID on the CoinMarketCap page.

New Features & Enhancements

  • UNI Token Support: Trading UNI tokens is now possible, broadening your trading possibilities.
  • USDC as Collateral: Use USDC (USD Coin) as a collateral option for trades.
  • Withdraw Supported Tokens: Withdraw any supported tokens from your wallet for more control over your assets.
  • Collateral Management in Open Positions: Adjust your collateral in open trades to optimize risk management.
  • Charts for Market Analysis: Use our new charting feature to analyze market trends and trading volumes.
  • Market Overview Access: Gain insights into market conditions with key metrics and trends.
  • Completion of API: We’ve successfully completed the development of our API, paving the way for more seamless integration and automation.
  • Addition of Multiple Wallets: To improve the flexibility and management of your assets, we have added support for multiple wallets within the FluidGMXBot ecosystem.

Technical and Operational Improvements

  • Enhanced Scalability and Performance: The addition of more threads has improved scalability and reduced lag times.
  • Wallet Rewards & Funding Fees: A new feature to view and claim wallet rewards or funding fees with ease.
  • Customizable User Settings: Personalize your trading experience with settings like slippage percentage.
  • Detailed Open Trade Information: Gain comprehensive insights into your open trades.
  • Auto Cancel of Pending SL/TP Orders: In a significant move to enhance trading efficiency, we’ve implemented an auto-cancel feature. Now, when a main order is closed or liquidated, any pending stop loss (SL) or take profit (TP) orders linked to it will automatically be canceled.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved ‘Close All Trade’ Functionality: We’ve fixed the bug affecting the ‘close all trade’ function for smoother operation.

Note: New Features & Enhancement, Technical and Operational Improvements and Bug Fixes are ready for deployment - These features are primed for release immediately after the holiday season. (January 1st)

Additional Information:

  • Upcoming Product Release - SATA: Mark your calendars for January 2nd, as we unveil our newest product, SATA, promising innovative features and an enhanced trading experience.
  • Expansion to Arbitrum: Fluid is expanding to Arbitrum, a leading L2 solution. We’re leveraging its vast user base and TVL to lead the ecosystem. With a 100,000 ARB grant and over $7,000,000 in volume on Arbitrum, we’re excited about this strategic decision. Details on the launch date and new staking contracts will be released soon.
  • Ongoing Trading Competition: Join our trading competition, running from December 20th at 7 PM UTC to January 10th at 7 PM UTC. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Your continuous support and feedback are invaluable to us. We’re committed to bringing more innovative features and updates to enhance your trading experience with FluidGMXBot.

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