GMX Grant Program Bi-weekly update - Fluid (3nd Edition)

FluidGMXBot Bi-Weekly Update: Developments, Expansion, and Exciting Competitions Date: January 10th, 2024

Welcome to another exciting update from FluidGMXBot! As we step into a new year, we’re thrilled to share our latest developments and future plans. Your ongoing support and feedback have been instrumental in our journey, and we’re eager to showcase what we’ve achieved together.

Major Developments and Achievements:

Efficiency Boost with Multicall Feature:

  • Enhancements: Rapid contract loading with functions like open trade, create new trade, set TP/SL, close trade, and cancel.
  • Impact: Streamlining and speeding up trade management for a better user experience.

API Innovations:

  • New Capabilities: Wallet creation, token access, order data retrieval, and trade management.
  • Progress: Most features are operational, with further improvements in the pipeline.

Mainnet Enhancements:

  • Added Multicall for Close All Trades: This new feature allows users to close all trades simultaneously, improving efficiency and response time in volatile market conditions.
  • Auto Close Open Orders: In the event of liquidation or TP/SL triggers, open orders will now automatically close. This addition enhances risk management and protects user investments.
  • Leverage Validation: A new check has been implemented to validate leverage when opening a new position, ensuring compliance with risk parameters and trading strategies.
  • Note: A major update is scheduled for release this week. It has been strategically delayed to minimize interference with the ongoing trading competition.

Upcoming Releases:

  • Multicall Close All Trade: Aiming to further streamline trade management processes.

Testnet Activities Recap:

  • Testing Highlights: Open trade listing, order management, trade creation, token reset, and wallet creation.
  • Objective: Ensuring stability and reliability for our Mainnet launch.

Community Milestones:

  • Trading Volume Achievement: Celebrating a phenomenal final 3rd milestone of a trading volume of 12 Million!
  • Competition Wrap-up: Concluding our $25,000 prize pool competition with great participation and enthusiasm.

Latest Updates:

  • Focus Areas: Enhanced smart contract calls, CSV to DB migration, and API development.
  • Release Notes: Significant progress on Mainnet features, with ongoing efforts to resolve Testnet bugs.

Bug Fixes and Feedback:

  • Resolved Issues: Addressing bugs related to TP/SL settings and auto-closure.
  • Commitment: Dedicated to resolving issues and enhancing user experience.

Looking Ahead:

We remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. Our upcoming releases are poised to tackle current challenges and introduce new efficiencies!