[UI proposal] gmx Earn page UI update

Guys, what do you think about little update to Earn page ?
Right now APR value is updated in < Real Time > which make little sense actually because of big volatility.
So I come across with an idea - what if we introduce drop-down menu with several option to user, which allow him to chose time-context for APR statistics.
So, as I said, right now we have < Real Time > or < RT > mode (which can be by default) and I propose to add extra modes:
< WA > : 7 days average
< MA > : 30 days average
< YA > : 365 days average

thats it.


This is a good idea, though it may be dififcult to implement.
will check with dev AFTER GMX V2 is released, to see if they can add on Weekly Average, Monthly Average etc.
though have to account for the fact that the price of the rewards do change, so do we use current rewards, or the rewards at that week/month, and if so, at which point of that period. every different choices will have different reactions too.

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O yeah… indeed, price factor for underlaying rewards is make things complicated :sob:
But nevertheless I am sure there can be some ways to resolve that uncertainties as well… just my small brain cant see any good ways to do that at the moment :sweat_smile:
@coinflipcanda and @xdev_10 sure should come across with clever-enough solutions i suppose :metal: