Add option to see total past rewards

Users can only see the “current” total rewards, once he claims or compounds, it resets to zero. Therefore users can’t see what they have earned in the past year if the compound regularly.

Short and simple: add a line (or maybe a new category with a more detailed breakdown, showing esGMX / ETH rewards, how much GMX and GLP received each etc.) at
Possible title: Complete rewards (wording can def be improved, I’m not a native speaker).

This is my first proposal, so I hope I didn’t do too much wrong.


I would support that effort as well. I think being able to see your lifetime rewards from GLP and GMX (and maybe esGMX) would be helpful.

Because of the dividends being paid out people don’t realise how much money they are making on the platform.


Agreed and noted. We’ll work on it for the coming Earn page updates.


This is still a very valid point. Considering the vast dividends GMX pays out to stakers, it is a missed opportunity that we do not communicate this effectively on the Earn page.

Agree, knowing what you have been paid out on GLP and GMX staking would be a valuable insight.

This is a good idea - I’d also like to see a historical APR tracker on for GLP and GMX, I think it would be helpful for people to see how it’s moved daily

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will add this to the task list, thank you for the suggestion


I see how that could help fellow users understand how much money they are making without the need of manually doing the calculations