Verify GMX Twitter Account


Made this tweet earlier, as many accounts who have interacted with @GMX_IO on twitter were targeted in this “Airdrop” scam, conveniently around the time of meme and airdrop hysteria.

These fake accounts are becoming increasingly clever and savvy in the approach of their attacks.

Simply put, having a blue check verification or even better (ideally) a gold check, which is unique to “businesses” would set us apart.

I understand that this may not be possible given that the Twitter handle/account holder would have to be Doxxed in some capacity to verify. Eg. Phone Number, or for the higher business verifications probably more elaborate details and I don’t believe that would be possible for a decentralized protocol, specifically one operated by anonymous devs.


A checkmark could perhaps help prevent a few people from falling victim to scams like this, which would clearly be good. But as you point out, doxxing is not really an option, so it will be tricky.

(Personally, I also feel the fact that such an obvious scam page with 100k+ fake followers is allowed to continue to exist on Twitter for weeks, even while it’s being mass-reported, is a pretty poor look for the platform.)

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Marked as spam as soon as I saw it.

The Best solution here is to introduce the checkmark tick so as to avoid people of falling victim of this continuous parody account posting scam links

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I’ve looked into the options, but it would require a credit card. And this would mean the main GMX Twitter account would be directly connected to a single person’s identity, which is diametrically opposed to how the protocol actually functions – as a decentralized network of collaborators.

I would literally do it for free if you guys wanted it.

I appreciate that, of course. And so would many others in the community. But the crucial consideration is to avoid the suggestion of one person’s personal link to, let alone responsibility for, core functions of the protocol - like communication.

buy a prepaid mastercard with a ton of credit with cash and then sync that to verify

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no idea if it would work but just a loophole idea lmao