Trying to Join Telegram Group "Group is not Assessable": For open position help :(

Trying to Join telegram group to get help with closing out open position. I get sorry this group is not assessable. Can someone explain how to join the telegram community.

eh… maybe you have been banned?

It would be odd to be banned if I’ve never ever sent a message before and started a telegram account to communicate with GMX … thx for replying though

What is your username? You may be banned by a bot, hard to know.

Yes, please share your username and the mods can verify what’s going on.

Chino Lindo is my telegram username.

I briefly joined the unofficial GMX telegram trading group but was bumped off later when I tried to join that group again. I get the same error. Thanks for your help in advance.

Is GMX support a scam?

I did not make a withdrawal of 777.23 USDC, and now the position has been liquidated

I do not see the 777.23 USD in my wallet.

How can you liquidate my position, and why is owning GMX a requisite of having a on the app?

How do I have any confidence that GMX support is not a scam? My position was liquidated without authorization, and the funds were withdrawn from my wallet without my permission. I don’t want join the GMX Telegram group. I want my position back.

not sure what is going on but no one from the GMX will DM you first.

They emailed me, not DM. They want me to buy GMX co

ins to regain my position.

i will buy some GMX now and see if the position returns

I don’t know why GMXSupport would delete the earlier response

Please do not trust anyone named GMX Support. What is your TG username so you can be unbanned.

Also, if you did not authorize the withdrawal of USDC it means your account is likely compromised.

wow thanks Blueberry, that’s a shitty lesson learned …