GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant Bi-Weekly Update (3)

GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: 08-01-24

I. Executive Summary:

The funding rate calculator bot was relaunched and rebranded to GMX Trading Tools:

This allows users to do three things:

  • set Liquidity Alerts, to be notified by telegram when a liquidity threshold is met for a particular coin, long or short

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 20.20.05

  • to calculate pay out or operating costs on positions, giving a breakdown of fees paid/to pay

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 20.20.15

  • allow users to store addresses and monitor their open positions on GMX, with integration of

Additionally, commands to call funding, net, and borrow rate were integrated into the v2 telegram bot, as well as GM prices + index performance

a) Roadmap Progress:

Milestones 1, 3, 4 have been completed, with Milestone 2 partially completed. The finally Milestone outstanding is 5, to migrate the tools to discord, which will be addressed in the coming weeks.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements:

Milestone 1 (Deploy a bot to monitor key stats on v2, as well as monitoring on opening/closing positions) has been completed.

Milestone 2 (to update GMX Trading Stats channel) has been partially completed, further updates to come in the following weeks/month.

Milestones 3 (Build on funding bot to allow monitoring of positions) has been completed

Milestone 4 (Build on funding bot to recieve liquidity notifications) has been completed

c) Dune Dashboards

Since 3rd Dec, number of unique users and total calls per day are being documented. The results of these can be seen in the following plots. This will be updated in each bi-weekly update:

II. Current Progress:

This week will see the beginning of integrating updated tools to discord. This will mark the final milestone outlined in this grant application.

III. Community Engagement:

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:



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