GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant Bi-Weekly Update (4)

GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: 24-01-24

I. Executive Summary:

The last few weeks saw the deployment of a GMX v2 centric bot on discord. This bot allows users on discord to query for v2 stats in a similar manor to those on telegram.

With this, all milestones have now been achieved, however the tools will continued to be maintained and developed inline with community requests/feedback and GMX protocol development.

a) Roadmap Progress:

All Milestones have been completed

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements:

Milestone 1 (Deploy a bot to monitor key stats on v2, as well as monitoring on opening/closing positions) has been completed.

Milestone 2 (to update GMX Trading Stats channel) has been completed

Milestones 3 (Build on funding bot to allow monitoring of positions) has been completed

Milestone 4 (Build on funding bot to recieve liquidity notifications) has been completed

Milestone 5 (Expand Tools onto discord)

c) Dune Dashboards

Since 3rd Dec, number of unique users and total calls per day are being documented. The results of these can be seen in the following plots. This will be updated in each bi-weekly update:

II. Current Progress:


III. Community Engagement:

A wrap up thread can/will be posted on X detailing the work carried out with this grant and use cases of how the tools have aided users in utilising GMX.

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:


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