GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant Bi-Weekly Update (Final Report)

GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant Bi-Weekly Update (6)

This update will mark the final bi-weekly update for the GMX v2 Telegram & Discord Analytics Grant as all named milestones have been achieved:

Milestone 1 (Deploy a bot to monitor key stats on v2, as well as monitoring on opening/closing positions) has been completed.

Milestone 2 (to update GMX Trading Stats channel) has been completed

Milestones 3 (Build on funding bot to allow monitoring of positions) has been completed

Milestone 4 (Build on funding bot to recieve liquidity notifications) has been completed

Milestone 5 (Expand Tools onto discord)


The last 10 weeks has required collaborative effort between myself & the GMX contributors and myself & the community. I’ve found great support from both of these parties and have delivered products deemed of quality information, aiding in the onchain activity of many users, be it from how to effectively trade on aspects of GMX (funding fee farming, notification of liquidity) to monitoring other users to copy trade. The ability to disseminate effective and powerful data analytics is key in the growth of any data driven protocol which this suite of tools aids in.

Finally, the feedback received from the grants committee while prior and post submission of the proposal was deemed useful and helped to focus the purpose of the proposal toward objectives and milestones that would bring about as many net positives for Arbitrum, GMX, and its community as possible.

User Metrics

Since 3rd Dec, number of unique users and total calls per day are being documented. The results of these can be seen in the following plots. This will be updated in each bi-weekly update:


Great work Monke, it’s an invaluable tool