site crash

I am usually not one to complain over a liquidation and I’ve had a great experience with the platform. However, If possible. Could I have a dev look into this? I attempted to close out the position at 44,774 with minimal fluctuation and well before the pump. After metamask confirmation It sat there for a full 2 minutes closing and then the site crashed. 1 minute later the site came back up and said it couldn’t go through at 44,802 . I’m upset to say the least. Posted in Discord support as well for visibility. I understand the risks, but I got rugged here.

Hi, please dm me your address on Telegram, my username is xdev_10.

To avoid scammers please always verify the users, you can verify the username by checking the admins in the GMX group, if that checks out please send the dm and will take a look, thank you.


I wanna give a huge shout out to xdev_10 for his prompt and courteous response. GMX is a top notch platform and I am optimistic that situations such as these will dwindle down to nill over the long term as we progress. Thanks for everything you guys do.