GMX Telegram copy trading bot

Dear GMX Gov,

I would like to present my Telegram bot which is designed to notify users on the positions of famous and leaderboard top traders. The bot provides valuable insights to users and has the potential to attract new traders to your platform.

As a dedicated user of your platform, I believe that this bot can be of great benefit to both your users and the platform as a whole. In order to continue the development of this project, I am kindly requesting a small amount of funding from the GMX team - 1k USD. This funding will be used to cover costs associated with dedicated hosting, paid API services, and further bot development.

I’m going to add 3rd party ETH/BTC signals as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Bot: Telegram: Contact @GMXTraderBot

Current wallets in my monitoring list:

      "0xe8c19dB00287e3536075114B2576c70773E039BD": "Andrew Kang",
      "0xfad9ec895839FBd65f9574101a56895B2059aCc2": "GMX Good Trader #1",
      "0x749f447c2755d63e03E7A70F7bDeD7c7f5B4b13c": "GMX Good Trader #2",
      "0x62B8e137ee87Ab3CaEB2FEA3B88D04abeA7C5579": "GMX Good Trader #3",
      "0xD1BbAA9eaB9a5f51ee3B68Bb6fF3C1f60a8c0adD": "GMX Good Trader #4"

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Thanks for contributing to the community in this manner, rstm. Appreciate it.

I’m not sure if GMX can extend a grant to help fund your bot, but have you considered integrating your personal referral code to generate revenue to cover its expenses? That could be a straightforward method.

good!I ,and I think it musk be a very goog idear and i will pay attention to it.

thank you!

Ok, no issues. Yes, I’ve added a link with my referral code and some donate features. Keep polishing my bot:)


quick update from my side:

  1. bot reached about 815 active users
  2. I’m about to add Limit orders and StopLoss/TakeProfit information

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Definitely checking this out.

Can you share the project repository? Thanks

Can we collaboration, we are developing a tool to explorer profitable trader (on GMX) to copy trading.