Atlantean - GMX Telegram Perp & Copy Trading bot (incl. SNX)

Hi all,

I’d like to introduce the recently launched Atlantean Trading bot, which facilitates copy trading with GMX (including v2). To support their efforts and spread awareness about their application, I’m sharing my experience here. Having used it for the past two weeks, it has performed really well without any issues or excessive fees. Additionally, the developers are quite active within their community chat, promptly addressing any concerns. I felt it would be beneficial to spotlight their bot in this forum and assist in their growth.

I am putting them in spotlight because I would really like to use my fav DEX through telegram and want to see some collaboration between them and GMX.

Their bot can be found here: Telegram: Contact @AtlanteanTradingBot
And their website:

Feel free to ask them to reach out to GMX via one of the mods in the main GMX Telegram channel, if they’re looking to build deeper relations.