Copin - A Platform for GMX Analyzing and Copying On-Chain Trading

Dear GMX Gov,

I would like to introduce you to Copin, a platform designed to help you easily search and analyze in-depth all on-chain data of a trader on GMX. Copin will give you a lot of options to see valuable insights without having to spend a dime. I believe this platform will attract more users to GMX.

Not only do we stop at the basic parameters, we also supplement and optimize the indicators to give users the most all-in-one analysis tool possible.

  • Analyze On-Chain Trader Data: Copin provides comprehensive on-chain trader data gathered from blockchain networks and decentralized exchanges. Users can analyze this data to gain insights into the performance, positions, and trading strategies of on-chain traders.

  • Evaluate Trader Rankings: Copin displays a ranking of on-chain traders based on different criteria such as ROI, PnL, win-rate, and more. Users can assess the rankings to identify successful traders and evaluate their past performance.

  • Backtesting: Enables users to assess the historical performance of traders or trading strategies before choosing to copy them. These features offer valuable insights into past performance, aiding users in evaluating potential future success.

We have tried to visualize and provide many parameters to focus on analyzing traders. This will help users save more time when searching and analyzing a trader. They can build their own filter set, their own analysis, or even a separate trading strategy and test it with the backtest feature.

Copy Trading

We have built a copy trading system and are in the testing phase with investors, partners, and internally. We are not only stopping at copying; we are also testing and optimizing the system so that users can freely use their own tactics in copy trading to bring profits.

We are always open to feedback and have a strong passion for trading. We would be grateful to receive more support from communities, influential individuals, and organizations. Most importantly, we hope to be a part of the GMX ecosystem.

If you are interested in cooperating, learning more, or experiencing the copy trading feature, please contact me directly via Telegram (Telegram: Contact @Anol0x).

Official link

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:robot: Discord: Copin Analyzer

We are also very willing to receive your feedback to improve the product better.
Many Thanks,


I have been looking for this platform for a long time.
It’s been really useful to me.
Thanks builder!!


I saw have Copy Trading feature, how it works?


Nice tool for on-chain traders


Thanks. I hope Copin will help and assist you in finding good traders in the crypto space.

The copy trading feature helps you to copy trades from good traders from GMX. If you want to learn more, you can refer to the project’s document here: Introduction - Copin Analyzer.


Thank you, I hope Copin will have useful features for you to find good traders from GMX, so that you can effectively copy trades from them.


Seems to be quite thorough, Anol. And I look the look and style. Thanks for building out these analytics for GMX, it’s definitely appreciated.


Thank you for your kind feedback about the Copin. We have structured the data traders on GMX in the most transparent, clear, and understandable way.

If Copin is looking forward to GMX’s support and cooperation. So who do I contact to submit this proposal?

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Reach out to me on Telegram and we’ll discuss the possibilities;



Hi @Jonezee
I have contacted you via telegram account, looking forward to your response. Thanks

My telegram: @Anol0x

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Hi @Jonezee

As I introduced the Copin platform as an analysis and copy trader tool for DEXes. And I recommend the Copy Trading integration model for GMX exchange on Copin as follows.

Copy Trading is a great demand for investors and traders without time and knowledge. It will also be a trending niche that will inevitably develop in the future. Especially the growing decentralized exchange space like GMX.

With this model, Copin is confident to bring more users to GMX such as investors or small traders without time and knowledge.

With the above model proposal realized, I look forward to receiving support from GMX so that Copin has the opportunity to participate and contribute to the development ecosystem of GMX.

I have reached out to you via telegram, and would love to hear from you so we can discuss this collaboration more?

Thank you.

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