GMX v2 data integration now offers users the ability to explore, analyze, and copy on-chain traders from top Perpetual DEXs including GMX, Kwenta, Polynomial, and more.

We are excited to announce the launch of the updated version v0.5.5, which integrates GMX V2 trader data. This enhancement allows users to comprehensively search, discover, and analyze traders on GMX V2.

1. GMX V2 Trader Explorer:

  • Utilize filters with over 26 evaluation criteria such as PnL, ROI, trades, max drawdown, etc., to refine your search for traders.
  • Sort and rank traders based on these evaluation criteria.

2. GMX V2 Trader Details:

  • Detailed performance metrics of each trader are displayed, including PnL charts, entry position points visualized directly on the chart, percentile ranking, specific metrics, and trade history.

3. GMX V2 Trader Position Detail:

  • Comprehensive and detailed metrics for each position of GMX V2 traders are available on the position detail page.

4. Open Interest:

  • The open interest page allows you to explore all traders sorted by newest, volume, and PnL.
  • View the LONG SHORT ratio.

5. Leaderboard:

  • Discover top-performing traders each week on the leaderboard page.

With the release of version v0.5.5, Copin aims to integrate comprehensive data from GMX V2, making it easier for users to search, discover, and analyze any trader on GMX V2. Additionally, if you are a trader on GMX V2, you can easily track your history and performance to improve your trading efficiency.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to share. We are eager to hear your feedback to make Copin even better.

Explore GMX V2 traders here: Trader Explorer | Copin Analyzer
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Copin_io


I truly believe that Copin is built by world-class developers. Keep working hard, guys.


Wen copy GMX v2 traders open?

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