Telegram channel to follow the best GMX traders

Dear GMX users,

I have developed a telegram channel where you can watch the current positions of the best GMX traders in real time, as well as notifications with their openings and closings.

Pro traders are being updated weekly based on past performance and consistent record of generating profit. Selecting those with high win rate, medium/low leverage, more than 15 total trades, high ROI and PnL.

Here you have an example of how the positions are displayed:

Here an example of how the openings and closings are displayed:

If you are interested in knowing what the pros are doing just check it out here:

Telegram group

Invitation (in case telegram group link is changed):

In the near future I am going to post more relevant information for trading crypto like macroeconomics data and crypto fundamentals.

Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you as well as your inputs of how can I improve the bot to provide better user experience.

Thanks for your hard work, gansius. That is quite solid added value.

At first glance, the p/w/t/r breakdown isn’t instinctively clear to me. Is it PnL / wins / trades / RoI, do I get that right? Have to look into how you calculate those exactly, but nice work man!

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There is a lot of condensed information in the messages, I know some people could find this confusing but my idea was to be able to provide as much information as clear as possible.

There is a explanatory message at the top of each topic so you can check for what stands every acronym or piece of information in the group. Also you can write me there and I will answer all of your doubts.

p: total pnl. Computed: profit - fees paid (funding and opening/closing fees).
w: win rate. Computed: nº of trades with positive pnl / Total trades.
t: total trades. A trade is computed when a opening position is fully closed.
r: Average ROI (%). Total pnl (profit-fees) / total collateral used (not position size)

All the information is extracted from the blockchain through a Dune query.

I appreciate your nice words I’m glad you like it.