GMX Trader Tracking & Alerting BOT on Telegram - An essential tool for GMX traders

Dear GMX users,

I am Samson, and today I would like to introduce you to a Telegram BOT tool designed for tracking, alerting, and analyzing the leaderboard of top traders on GMX. The BOT is called “GMX trader tracking & alert.”

Not only am I a member involved in developing the “GMX trader tracking” Telegram BOT, but I am also a trader/investor who recognizes the immense value of on-chain trader data (GMX). This data is invaluable for me to monitor, analyze, and make confident, accurate, and effective investment decisions. Its value lies in the transparency and absolute reliability provided by on-chain data. Therefore, I have developed this BOT not just for personal use but also to contribute a useful tool to the community and enable profitable tracking of traders on GMX.

The initial version of the BOT will include the following features:

  1. Trader Tracking: Real-time monitoring of traders’ activities on GMX, such as opening, increasing, decreasing, and closing positions, as well as liquidations. You simply need to input the wallet address of the trader you want to track into the BOT. Please note that you can track up to 10 traders simultaneously.

  2. Whale Alert: This function serves as a real-time alert for the activities of traders involved in large-volume transactions. This allows you to detect the trading behavior of whales on GMX.

  3. Trader Ranking: This feature provides a ranking of the top 10 traders based on criteria such as Profit & Loss (PnL), ROI, and win rate ratio. You can filter the top 10 traders based on different time periods: last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, and last 60 days. Trader ranking helps you identify skilled traders on GMX.

Here are some sample result screens of the BOT:

With the GMX trader tracking BOT, I hope to help you capture and monitor the best traders on GMX, allowing you to analyze signals and make profitable investment decisions.

Currently, the BOT is provided free for all users at: Telegram: Contact @OnchainTrader_Tracking_Bot.

I am also eager to hear your feedback, suggestions, and feature requests for future versions of the BOT, as it will help us enhance and improve it further.

You can directly contact me through Telegram at: Telegram: Contact @Ryo_Tran
Thank you all,
Samson (Ryo_Tran)


Nice, thanks for your contribution.


Nice one! Well done bro


lmao I just found some interesting traders to follow

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So nice !!! it’s very helpful to me. Thank you <3

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I have been looking for a tool like this for a long time. Amazing.

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The bot looks capable, samson. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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Have you tried BOT yet? Was it useful to you and to everyone else?

I hope to bring something to the community.

Yes I like it, it’s a solid product. There is obvious overlap with another well-known Telegram bot for GMX trades, but it seems to function well and the data is laid out with clarity.